Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Individualism of BMX.

Where did BMX start do you know? I think it will always will be debatable. I would like to say the South. However, the West Coast will always own the bragging rights! But in the end who gives as damn? Do you? Hell NO you don't as we sure have a great sport to enjoy. With being one of the greatest individual sports around, so much individualism was created. 

  Sure we have teams in which we strive to ride for and hope for a sponsorship. At the end of the day the team sport is strictly what happens in the pits and outside team gatherings. When that gate drops while racing a team member, there is no positioning or creating a draft for your team rider. That is out the window as soon as the light hits green. You want to win and will do whatever it takes to win a race. The cool are the bikes? Why do we have so much adversity in the bikes from one rider to the next. Simple...we input our own skill and imaginations all the way down the color crimp on the end of a brake cable.  Below are examples of my builds with one bike being from the mid 80's with the other from 2014. Many years separated but not one difference in which one can create in their mind.

    The sport did not stop at racing in the 80's. It evolved into trick riding which I am quiet sure started in some parents empty swimming pool. Today the non-racing form of BMX is live and well with the likes of the X-Games which brings BMX to extreme riding. There are more forms of BMX riding today than any other form. Again, each rider grabbing those grips for the first time, has the power in their mind to do what they want on a BMX. Check out the fun link Below on the History of BMX...Enjoy!